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B. Driver
Exec Pastor
Bay Leaf Baptist Church
Raleigh, NC

Trajectory Ministries is the result of the heart that God has given Marty and Lori for His Kingdom. Having know them both for 16 years, I’ve watched Marty and Lori model both a God honoring marriage and what it looks like to truly be partners in the gospel as husband and wife. Having served on staff with Marty as my Senior Pastor, for over ten years, I was mentored and poured into by him as he sought to fulfill 1 Peter 5:1-3. His heart is not only for the church (the people of God), but also for younger pastors. Many of whom I watched Marty disciple and train over the past decade. For Marty and Lori it’s all about gospel relationships. Their goal is to see the church built up into love (Ephesians 4:15-16). I am excited for this ministry that God has given them.

P. Lowman
Assoc Pastor
Denver Baptist Church
Denver, NC

As a young pastor leading a church through a season of transition, Marty and Lori have been a gift from God. With Marty’s many years of pastoral experience, he has helped me and our church in countless ways. His pastor’s heart has been on full display as he mentored, taught, and guided me through transition. He has always been a phone call away anytime I needed to ask for advice or his opinion. But we didn’t just get Marty, we got his wife Lori as well. She too has been a gift from God to many women in our church. Her talk at a Wednesday evening women’s Bible study was such an encouragement for the women at our church. Marty and Lori are a blessing to the Kingdom and I look forward to seeing how God will continue to bless His Church through Trajectory Ministries.

C. Thomas
Media &
Denver Baptist
Denver, NC

It’s hard to look back a year ago when it felt like it was our staff against the world. It’s amazing to realize the healing that’s taken place and see what God has done. Pastor Marty has been such a critical part of that and I can’t thank him enough for creating a stable and loving environment for our church staff. God knew we needed his joyful spirit and his shepherding to get prepared for the next season at DBC.

D. Reel
Personnel Comm
Denver Baptist
Denver, NC

Marty has been the interim pastor for the past several months at the church where I am a member. He and Lori have been a source of encouragement and blessing to our church family during such a difficult time of transition.  During this time, our  church has experienced hurt, confusion, and loss of trust in those in leadership.  Marty has lovingly counseled many staff, committee, and church members with a compassionate use of scripture and prayer.  He and Lori are an amazing team and have allowed God to use them to bring great healing to our church body. 

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