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Don’t Waste Your Story

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

You’ve made mistakes

Felt the pain of regret

Thought you knew what life was about

You've known betrayal

When it hurt to breathe

Felt trapped by your fear and doubt

I have been there too

I bear the scars

Of a life lived for the wrong glory

But I’m no longer in bondage

To my shame and regret

I’ve been given a brand new story

Just like you

I once stood condemned

Chained to the pain of my past

No sin is too great

His grace covers all

That stone is not mine to cast

Grab hold of Him

The One who sees

Hold tight to the hem that heals

In Him alone

Your soul will find

The perfect love His Truth reveals

In His presence

you will find peace

He’s all your heart’s searching for

Mercy draws near

He’s knocking again

It’s time to open the door

His love for you


His forgiveness is complete

He came to die

So you can live

See the scars on His hands and feet

Those scars are reminders

of His perfect love

He paid our debt that day

He defeated death

So we can live

He came to show us the way

There are others still

Like you and I

Lost and living for the wrong glory

They too feel alone

Searching for hope

They’re waiting to hear our story

Of the one who freed

Our weary souls

About a gift more precious than gold

He took our mess

And made us whole

It’s a story that must be told

Don’t be ashamed

Of the scars you bear

They’re a testimony to His power

Let’s tell the world

All that He has done

Let’s not waste another hour

L Jacumin, unhindered

To all those who have been disillusioned by life, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life your heart is searching for.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life." John 14:6


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